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Mattress Cleaning In Calgary

Mattress companies and dealers have grown to be very strict on which they will and won’t cover with regards to urine, blood, sweat or any stain found on your bedroom mattress. One of the big complaints regarding the mattress companies are that warranties aren’t definitely worth the paper they’re written on. In some people’s eyes that may very well be true. Yes mattress sellers, dealers or manufacturers will VOID mattress warranty in Calgary due to stains small or big found in or around your mattress.

Will a Stain Really Void the Warranty in Calgary, Okotoks, Airdrie, Chestermere, High River Alberta?

All mattress warranties become void if you stain your mattress – Make sure you protect your mattress with a stain proof protector or contact YYC mattress cleaning services now.

Common Stains Found on Mattress

  • Urine Stains (humans plus Pet)
  • Blood Stains (nose bleeds, females time of the month etc.)
  • Vomit/ poop (stomach sick)
  • Wine, Coffee or even Water mark stains, Sweat .
  • Food Stains

Hire Calgary best mattress stain removal and save your mattress manufacturer WARRANTY today.

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The Best Ways to Get the Urine Smell or Urine Odor Out of a Mattress

Another strategy to the bed wetting is to apply under pads or bed cover. This will produce a protective layer to the bed helping to keep the mattress hygienic. When the bed is wet of urine, it seeps in with the mattress and also this creates bad odor in the room that is a threat towards the breathing within the room.